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Canning Vale Service Centre is your local mechanic in Canning Vale, Perth. My name is Marco Ricciardi, I am the owner of Canning Vale Service Centre and have been in the Automotive Industry for nearly 30 years. Along side myself is David Andrews with 12 years experience. Together we strongly believe that offering personalised service is the basis of building a strong business with happy satisfied customers.

MTA WA Approved Automotive Repairer

We are a member of the Motor Trade Association of WA (MTA WA) and are an approved automotive repairer. All of our  mechanics are fully qualified and licensed.

MTA WA Mechanic
MTA WA Member
Mechanic Marco & David

About Us

Marco Ricciardi & David Andrews

Mechanic Workshop Inside

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

By taking a whole vehicle approach to servicing and repairs we can offer an extensive range of services. We can locate the real cause of your problem and maintain your vehicle so that it performs as it should.

Mechanic Loan Car

Loan Car Available

Ask us about our free loan car and local drop off when you book your service.

Logbook Servicing

We provide log book servicing to manufacturers specifications for all makes and models without voiding your vehicle’s warranty. Our technicians are trained in late-model technology and ongoing training programs ensure we are always ready for new developments.

Regular servicing should be performed every 10,000kms or 6 months to keep your car in great shape. This means we can find and fix your car’s small problems before they become big, costly problems.

Ryco Penrite Mechanic
Quality oil filters and oil from Ryco and Penrite
Logbook Service Mechanic

Logbook Servicing

We can carry out full logbook servicing

Tyres & Wheel Alignment Mechanic

Tyres & Wheel Alignment

We can fit tyres and carry out wheel alignments

Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Your tyres are your only point of contact with the road, so make sure they’re right. Bald, feathered or perished tyres, or poor wheel alignment will affect your handling, stopping distance and the safety of your vehicle.

At Canning Vale Service Centre we use and recommend Kumho as they’re high quality tyres you can rely on.

Kumho Tyre Mechanic
We recommend Kumho Tyres

Brake System Servicing

We perform a full range of services for your braking system to ensure the safety of your vehicle including brake shoe replacements, brake pad replacements and flushing the brake fluid system. The quality of the brake pads fitted to your vehicle determine not only how effectively your car will stop, but also how long they will last. 

At Canning Vale Brakes Centre we use and recommend Bendix Brakes, they’re high quality, Australian made brake pads.

Bendix Mechanic
We fit quality Bendix brake pads
Brake Replacement Mechanic


We can replace brake pads and machine your brake discs

Suspension Repair Mechanic


Ask us about our suspension repair services

Suspension Repairs

Your vehicles suspension plays an important role in keeping you on the road. It includes shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, rubber bushes and many other components. Wear on the suspension system can cause excessive tyre wear and poor handling of the vehicle.

If your vehicle bounces excessively or wanders and drifts over the road it may need suspension repairs. We can inspect and repair all aspects of your vehicles suspension and get you driving smoothly again.

Monroe Pedders Mechanic
We recommend quality suspension suppliers
Tom Darley
The staff were friendly, informative and accommodating. Went in for a last minute pre-purchase inspection and they were nothing but helpful, keeping me posted throughout the whole process. Much easier than dealing with the big chains (and better price too!)
Luke Church
I broke down just down the road and the guys came and had a look and got my car back to their centre. They were very professional with open communication and good pricing, thanks Marco and team! Highly recommend.
Qazi Muhammad Farooq
Excellent service,very professional & resonably priced.
Petra Moreira
Marco is the mechanic everyone needs. Honest and reliable.
Kinzang Wangchuk
Everyone should get your car service done here. Marco you are awesome. Cheers mate.

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