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Brake Service, Repairs and Replacements

We perform a full range of services for your braking system to ensure the safety of your car including Brake Shoe Replacements, Brake Pad Replacements and Flushing the Braking System. All brake services include a full inspection and road test prior to work carried out.

Brake Pad Replacement:

The quality of the brake pads fitted to your vehicle determine not only how effectively your car will stop, but also how long they will last. Budget brake pads simply don’t work as well and need replacing sooner, meaning that you get poor value for money. At Canning Vale Service Centre you can always be assured of high quality brake repairs for your peace of mind.

  • Machine brake pads or replace them using high quality Australian-Made Bendix brake pads
  • Check condition of disc rotors and machine if required
  • Top up brake fluid

Brake Shoe Replacement:

  • Replacement of rear brake shoe linings with new linings and new new cylinders if required
  • Machine or replace brake drums as necessary
  • Adjust brake and handbrake

Brake Fluid Flush:

  • Remove brake fluid from master cylinder
  • Clean out master cylinder
  • Flush all brake fluid lines
  • Refill with Shell brake fluid
Worn Brake Pads can increase your stopping distance and lead to accidents. Our quality brake repairs will give you peace of mind.

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