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Wheel Alignment

Improve your tyres life span with a Wheel Alignment

Making sure your wheel alignment is right can significantly improve the life of your tyres as well as improving your handling and your fuel economy. It just makes sense and it’s great value for money. Come and see us at Canning Vale Service Centre and make sure it’s done right.

Our Wheel Alignment Service includes:

  • Inspecting and replacing worn parts if necessary
  • Checking tyre pressure
  • Road test vehicle
  • Check/adjust front and rear alignment angles including toe/camber/castor to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Wheel alignment for most raised/lowered/modified vehicles – excl. trucks/commercial vehicles
Professionally aligned wheels will not only improve the life of your tyres, but save you fuel on petrol in the long term.
We use the latest computer technology to ensure your wheels are properly aligned, saving you money in the long term.

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