Exhaust System

Exhaust System

Canning Vale Service Centre can supply and fit new exhaust systems for your vehicle. If you have noticed increased noise or excessive smell from you vehicle you may need to get your exhaust inspected. Your exhaust system is critical to the fuel economy, performance and emissions of the engine.

Maintaining this system ensures toxic fumes are kept out of the passenger compartment and fuel usage is kept to a minimum. This also keeps your vehicle running smoothly at maximum performance.

 We supply and fit ready made complete systems for quick turn around from trusted quality suppliers. If you have any questions about your vehicle get in contact with us below, we are always happy to give advice.

Exhaust Replacement

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We are a member of the Motor Trade Association of WA (MTA WA) and are an approved automotive repairer. All of our mechanics are fully qualified and licensed. We deliver honest and reliable service at a reasonable price. Work is only carried out after being discussed with the customer. Our aim is to help you understand your vehicle and the maintenance or repairs needed to keep you on the road.

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