Cooling System

Radiator & Cooling System Servicing

Your radiator and cooling system is integral to keeping your engine running cool. If this system is not maintained your engine could overheat causing costly damage. This system includes the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses and many other components.

Regularly flushing the cooling system and replacing your coolant is a part of vehicle maintenance. We can flush the system and replace the coolant with quality coolant from Penrite.

Canning Vale Service Centre can inspect and repair all parts of the cooling system. If your vehicle is overheating or has a leak drop past for an inspection. Or get in touch with us below, we are always happy to give advice on any of your vehicles needs.

Radiator, Water Pump, Coolant

Our Service Guarantee

We are a member of the Motor Trade Association of WA (MTA WA) and are an approved automotive repairer. All of our mechanics are fully qualified and licensed. We deliver honest and reliable service at a reasonable price. Work is only carried out after being discussed with the customer. Our aim is to help you understand your vehicle and the maintenance or repairs needed to keep you on the road.

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